Off-the-plan dreams still a reality!

COUPLE Zoe Soltanzdeh and Fardin Samadi have been on quite an incredible journey to purchase their long-term off-the-plan home at Seymours Residences in Roseville.
Having initially looked at a one-bedroom apartment, they agreed the size wasn’t quite right for what they required as they wanted more space, but overnight their world changed when they discovered they had been accepted for adoption consideration.
Suddenly the thought of buying an apartment at Seymours Residences was alive again.
“We’ve never had such exceptional customer service than that of the Ray White Projects team – they helped us throughout and sat down with us and worked through options for us both for a two-bedroom unit,” Ms Soltanzdeh said.
“We knew our next property was going to be our long-term residence with an adopted child and we were impressed by the materials that will be used in the build.
“It’s clear that along with the great location and school zones, this property would last 10-15 years without any need for changes.
“We have a couple of investment properties and have been in the market since 2005 so we understand the ups and downs and the processes you have to go through.
“It’s an uncertain time right now, but we also know that peaks and troughs occur in property, and we’re confident the market will be as strong as ever down the track.”
“We were quite delighted with the Ray White Projects team and they were always on-hand to provide in-depth and high-quality technical answers to our questions,” Mr Samadi said.
“We were made to feel like we had known the team for years and our trust in them gave us the confidence that we were making the right decision with this property.
“Too often now people try to push sales on you but Ray White Projects had a different approach. They took the time to understand our needs and they worked together with us to help us buy our new home. It’s a real rarity to feel such humanity in service these days.”
Ray White Projects Managing Director and Partner Eddie Mansour said it was a pleasure to work with Ms Soltanzdeh and Mr Samadi, and the sale indicated that off-the-plan dreams in Sydney were still very much a reality.
“With restrictions set to be in place for the next six months, off-the-plan purchases that may not be ready for 12-18 months are really appealing to buyers right now,” Mr Mansour said.
“As you can see from this particular purchase, buyer confidence is still high right now, that’s despite all of the recent doom and gloom predictions.
“The fact is, when you have a building of real quality like Seymours Residences, the current climate is less important because you know you have the security of many years without there being any need for alterations or upgrades.”

Article by Grant Payne on 9th April 2020.