Projects Newsletter – December 2013

It has been an outstanding end to an enjoyable year for the Ray White Projects team.Notwithstanding the closing of the year the last fortnight has seen the launch of some exciting new opportunities including the just launched North View project located in the lively pocket of Turella. This is a really well designed building consisting of twenty eight stylish apartments and although it was only launched last week it has received very strong buyer interest. The close proximity to the Sydney CBD is proving popular for those discovering this location.  This follows the tremendous sell out by Marcello Bo”s team of the Verve Project located in the beach-side suburb of Coogee in Sydney only two weeks prior.The following are a only a selection of the properties Ray White Project is selling across our region and we have attached web links to each of these as in their own right they are each worthy of investigation;













2014 is shaping up to be an extremely active period for Ray White Projects and we are looking forward to providing more detail on a host of opportunities across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.