Projects Newsletter – February 2013

Economic reports indicate that capital city property values have risen in recent months, matching a rise in consumer confidence. This improvement seems to have been mirrored in the sales that the team has achieved during the last month. It has been a long while since we have seen this level of activity in the new apartment and off the plan sales market. Whilst we remain mindful that this improvement is still fresh, and it is difficult at this stage to predict if this trend will be a longer term one, we do remain cautiously optimistic.

One of the most memorable discussions we had this month occurred at the launch night of “Botanic” last week. We spoke to a young couple, Thomas and Stephanie, who had just paid a deposit on their first home, a two bedroom apartment. Thomas said that buying off the plan was a great decision for them as they could choose the apartment from a range that best-suited their requirements. But most significantly they felt that the market was improving, so by buying off the plan they had more time to build their savings and plan their finances and buy at ‘today’s prices’. Any why Botanic? “We came to Lane Cove because it seems a great place to live with good transport links to the city, however it was also important to us to have faith in the agent and the final product. It was very reassuring to meet the developer and architect at the launch. We had a good chat over a glass of wine and his passion for the project showed us that everything was being taken care of, it was almost like the development was his baby so that has to be a good start!”.

A strong first-home market is the backbone of any good market. Promising signs. With almost 2,800 new properties to choose from our Projects team can find you the right property, whatever your motivation.

Dan White & the Projects team.