Projects Newsletter – January 2013

It’s not quite “what a difference a year makes” but it’s not far from it. The start of 2013 is far different to how last year began. We experienced a strong end to 2012, and so it’s pleasing to see that this momentum has carried over the holiday break. The energy, activity and talk across our markets bodes well for an exciting 2013.

Much of the talk is around ‘yield’. In fact some commentators are describing it as a sport – “the hunt for yield”! Investors are seeing genuine value in property yields as interest rates fall. With over 63 projects being marketed, there are so many different investments on offer through Ray White Projects.

It is fascinating to compare and understanding the different yields available across our property markets. We have new properties that will suit any investment strategy, whether you are seeking the highest possible yields available or capital growth, or a mixture of both.

We have witnessed many of our customers be surprised at the borrowing rates they have been able to secure on their recent investments. If you are unsure on what can be achieved, get an expert on your side by contacting our Loan Market team on 13 5625 (13 Loan).

We wish you all the best for the New Year.

Dan White & the Projects team