Projects Newsletter – November 2012

Travelling throughout Australia, Indonesia and Auckland this month, it’s hard not to be a true believer in the real estate cycle.

Sydney continues to be a healthy and stable market, with fantastic new projects such as Botanic (featured herein) being received very well by a deep buyer market. Auckland is enjoying its first new projects in a long time, with recent strong gains in house values underpinning the feasibility of new construction. Parts of Queensland have recently completed units being sold at a fraction of the price that they were marketed for only a few years earlier. Jakarta and Bali are booming – strong price gains this year alone – after a long period of terrible conditions. And Melbourne remains stronger than many pundits expected, with relatively affordable prices and strong off-shore investor interest supporting good activity.

Many people will have analytical explanations of why each market is doing what it is doing. As well as predictions of their futures. We simply say ignore market cycles as your own risk!

We are marketing 65 projects across these markets. We are fortunate to always be learning from each of them, and ensuring we and our clients share the experiences we have all gained from working in such interesting times.